When do I choose Joomla! hosting?

SQR.NL now offers Joomla! hosting. In 2000, this Content Management System (CMS) began as Mambo and was later renamed Joomla! The name “Joomla!” is the English phonetic spelling of the Swahili word “jumla” meaning “all together” or “as one. Of the three most widely used Open Source systems (Joomla! WordPress and Drupal) Joomla! runs the longest. For a long time, the downside was that the interface was rather cluttered but with the advent of Joomla! 3 that problem has been remedied.

Joomla! is written in PHP and works (since version 2.5) with a MySQL or MS SQL database. Some features that Joomla! supports are page caching, news feeds, blogs, RSS feeds, print versions of pages, forums, polls, calendar, search functions and multilingualism.

There is a
Working Group (the JSST) has been created to ensure the security of the system. This group ensures that the Joomla! core is secure and stable through extensive testing and associated fine-tuning.

The main advantages of Joomla!

-package consists of several components, many of which are modularly built. Once you figure out how things work, this makes expansion relatively easy. Joomla! has a large community of developers: that offers a wide choice of specialists and thus independence for the (end) customer. The editor that Joomla! provides by default allows users to add text, images and links relatively easily in a simple online WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) word processor. In-depth experience in building websites is – at a basic level. no múst.

Some points of interest

The learning curve, for beginners, is quite steep. The person who will have to provide daily content to the website will need training to be somewhat reasonable with the CMS. Once the basics are in place, expanding is easier. It might be advisable-if you are a little less technically inclined-to hire an outside web administrator. Someone who knows what to do when your online business card unexpectedly ‘goes down’. SQR.NL has some affiliated partners for this purpose. Feel free to inquire about this.

All nice, but is Joomla! the right choice?

This choice depends on what you want from your Web site: functionality and complexity. How comprehensive will your website be? Will there be multiple menus or do you want multilingualism? All questions that will determine your choice. Joomla! allows you to easily create a multilingual website without installing a third-party extension. With WordPress, you have a plug-in like
to accomplish this. Both CMS solutions can ultimately achieve the same thing. Only the roads are just a little different and user-friendliness is and remains something to keep an eye on! With Joomla hosting from
you are assured of fast, stable and secure hosting of your


Virtuemart for your web shop

is a free webshop software package that makes it very easy to start your own online store. The system is used in conjunction with the Joomla! CMS system which offers optimized SEO capabilities, making the pages of your
webshop will be found faster and your search engine optimization will improve.

Virtuemart, features

One of the advantages Virtuemart has as a web shop is that you can add other web pages to your website in addition to your own. This could include a weblog, extensions for social media, as well as static pages. All visitors to your webshop manage their own account within your webshop where they can find a lot of information such as invoices, delivery addresses, order statuses and purchase histories.


Joomla! is as CMS: user-friendly for administrator, offers good functionality, is accessible for SEO modifications, independent (Open Source), offers freedom of design. Looking at these points, there is still a legion of Content Management Systems with which your website can be realized. Think Drupal, Typo, Magento and … many more. WordPress and Joomla! also belong to the group of Open Source CMS solutions. If we look at usability, Joomla! and WordPress stand out. Are you expecting your website to require something more complex, larger and with more functionality in the basic CMS? Then you can opt for Joomla! Within WordPress you should probably stack plugin on plugin and realize a huge website but then … then it starts: maintenance, conflict management between all the plugins and more. Also for a beginning, less complex, webshop, Joomla! is a nice alternative in combination with
in addition to the somewhat more complex and expensive Magento 2.

we offer
Joomla hosting
where CMS software and updates are installed automatically.

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