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A powerful VPS with Dutch sovereignty

Discover our VPS hosting with advanced hardware and network configurations based on the reliable OpenStack platform. Our service is fully hosted in the Netherlands and strictly meets European compliance standards.

VPS hosting

ISO 20000, ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified


GDPR EU compliant

Nederlandse vlag

VPS Hosting in the Netherlands

VPS Configurations

30 days money-back guarantee1 CPU - 1GB RAMfrom € 9,89 Excl. TaxesConfigureer2 CPU - 4GB RAMfrom € 23,75 Excl. TaxesConfigureer 4 CPU - 8 GB RAM from € 47,50 Excl. TaxesConfigureer8 CPU - 16 GB RAM from € 85,89 Excl. TaxesConfigureer
vCPU (Intel)vCPU (Intel)1 corevCPU (Intel)2 coresvCPU (Intel)4 coresvCPU (Intel)8 cores
RAMRAM1 - 4 GBRAM2 - 4 GBRAM8 - 16 GBRAM16 - 64 GB
SSD NVMe StorageSSD NVMe Storage16 GBSSD NVMe Storage16 GBSSD NVMe Storage32 GBSSD NVMe Storage32 GB
IPv4 & IPv6IPv4 & IPv6IPv4 & IPv6IPv4 & IPv6IPv4 & IPv6
Bandwidth (FUP).
Our Fair Use Policy (FUP) with the VPS bandwidth allows you to make generous use of your bandwidth, as long as it stays within a fair and reasonable limit.
Bandwidth (FUP).
Our Fair Use Policy (FUP) with the VPS bandwidth allows you to make generous use of your bandwidth, as long as it stays within a fair and reasonable limit.
Bandwidth (FUP).
Our Fair Use Policy (FUP) with the VPS bandwidth allows you to make generous use of your bandwidth, as long as it stays within a fair and reasonable limit.
Bandwidth (FUP).
Our Fair Use Policy (FUP) with the VPS bandwidth allows you to make generous use of your bandwidth, as long as it stays within a fair and reasonable limit.
Bandwidth (FUP).
Our Fair Use Policy (FUP) with the VPS bandwidth allows you to make generous use of your bandwidth, as long as it stays within a fair and reasonable limit.
Full root accessFull root accessFull root accessFull root accessFull root access

* Listed prices are ‘starting prices’ and per month

Every VPS includes:

VPS configureren

Made a mistake? No worries! Our automatic snapshots allow you to return to a recently working version of your system with a single click.

High-level Security

Your VPS is hosted in a highly secured data center in the Netherlands and our services are monitored 24/7. In case of any problems, we are immediately alert and take quick action.

Helpful Support

We are praised for our customer service. Thus, we have written manuals on how to use them. If there is something you can’t figure out, feel free to contact us.

Browser Terminal

With root access, you have complete control over your VPS from your (browser) terminal. This gives you the freedom to install software and configure your server to your specific needs.

Choice of Operating Systems

Within minutes, your VPS is installed with:

Software installations (optional)

Install one of our images easily and quickly:

* Installation included; additional license may be required.

What makes our VPS special?

State-of-the-art Infrastructure

Our cloud platform, based on OpenStack, provides users with maximum flexibility and control over their data and infrastructure. We are constantly developing our platform, so your VPS will always have access to the latest hardware and enjoy unlimited bandwidth (fair use policy) with an uplink speed up to 20 Gbps. Last but not least, we are based in the Netherlands and comply with strict GDPR standards, providing additional guarantees of data protection and privacy.

VPS OpenStack
VPS specs
Blazing fast forward with Intel Xeon and 100% SSD

Our VPS platforms are equipped with Intel Xeon processors, ensuring superior speed and performance. Every aspect of your vital applications benefits from the robust power and reliability of this industry-leading CPU architecture, resulting in an unparalleled VPS configuration. This ensures that your websites or applications are always lightning fast, improving your digital experience and optimizing your operational efficiency.

Ultimate VPS freedom: Customizable to any project size

Discover ultimate flexibility with our VPS solutions, ideal for projects of any size. Whether you run a test environment, run an e-commerce site, or manage multiple websites simultaneously, our platform offers the ability to easily upgrade or downgrade, allowing you to quickly respond to changing requirements. Plus, with our monthly cancelable options, you enjoy the freedom to adjust your server capacity without being tied to long-term contracts.

Webhosting gebruiker

VPS: A powerful tool for various industries

Web Developers and Digital Agencies:

Our Virtual Private Server offers the speed and flexibility needed to optimally host complex websites. If you have less experience managing a VPS, we recommend choosing Plesk during configuration. Plesk offers a visual control panel that allows you to easily manage all your sites in an organized way.

Tech Startups:

Launch new applications quickly with our scalable VPS, perfectly suited to the growth of your business. Easily customize your Virtual Private Server by upgrading or downgrading according to your changing needs, so you always have the right resources at your disposal.

E-commerce Sites:

Increase the reliability of your online store with fast load times and advanced security. These improvements ensure a secure and smooth user experience, which is essential to the success of your online business. Moreover, this helps build trust with your customers, which is crucial to maintaining a strong customer base.

Educational Institutions and Researchers:

Leverage our Virtual Private Server for hassle-free online teaching and research projects. Ideal for educational institutions and researchers, our servers offer powerful performance and extensive storage capacity, suitable for a wide range of educational tools and research simulations.

Software and App Developers:

Take advantage of our Virtual Private Server to securely test and develop your applications. Our servers provide an isolated and secure environment, perfect for development teams that need powerful performance and ample storage for their software projects.

Financial Institutions:

Our Virtual Private Server offers top security, reliability and is fully GDPR compliant, which is essential for protecting financial data and systems. These servers are designed to meet the high demands of the financial industry, where data integrity and privacy are critical.


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Frequently Asked Questions

VPS Hosting, or Virtual Private Server Hosting, is a type of web hosting where one physical server is divided into multiple virtual servers. Each VPS functions as an independent server with its own operating system, resources (such as RAM and storage space) and full root access. This gives you more control and stability than shared hosting, where you share resources with other users. It is ideal for websites that need more power or for businesses that want to install specific software not supported by our shared hosting packages.

With shared hosting, you share server space and resources with other websites, while with VPS hosting, you have your own assigned part of a physical server. Because of this, with VPS you have more control, better performance and more stability.

We are proud of our ISO 20000, ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certifications. Additionally, our data center meets the rigorous standards of ISO 9001, 14001, 27001, 50001, OHSAS 18001 and ISAE 3402 certifications, and is fully PCI DSS compliant.

Of course! You can absolutely send emails through your VPS. Although port 25 is closed by default for security reasons, we offer a dedicated Email Delivery Service (EDS). This service checks emails for spam to ensure safe and clean sending of emails, and to prevent abuse by spammers. With EDS, you can communicate efficiently with confidence. We hereby maintain a strict anti-spam policy: even though port 25 is closed, our EDS ensures that you can send emails reliably.

Do you need SSH access? The answer is yes! We provide a secure way of logging into your VPS using an SSH key. This system means you no longer have to remember or use passwords. You simply generate your personal SSH key and with it you securely log in to your VPS. It is a simple and secure method to access your server!