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Are you considering transferring your domain name or domain names? Use the search box below to do this yourself, or engage our domain name transfer service for free if you prefer to leave the transfer to us.

* Want to move multiple domain names at once? Use our bulk domain checker
* When transferring a .NL domain name, no direct costs are charged. If the domain name needs to be renewed, there is a renewal fee of only € 11,92, including VAT per year.

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How can I move my domain name?

1. Enter the domain name below and click the button.

2. Enter the transfer code. You can request this code from your current supplier.

3. Go through the ordering process and complete your move. Two hours after completing your order, we will submit the transfer of your domain name. This delay ensures that there is sufficient time to set up the DNS correctly.

Moving multiple domain names

Should you want to move multiple domain names at once, you can use our bulk domain checker. This is where you can enter all your domain names and their corresponding transfer codes. Are you moving more than 10 domain names? Then, if you wish, use our free moving service and let us do the moving work for you.

Free forwarding to email or website

You can transfer a domain name and redirect it to an existing Website. It is also possible to create an email address for this domain and forward messages to another existing email address.

Easily manage your domain name

Through My Hosting, you effortlessly manage all your domain names. Here you can view them, adjust settings and forward domains, all from a clear overview.

Choice of 867 extensions

Domeinnaam Registreren .NL

Free relocation service

Domeinnaam Registreren .BE

€ 10,83

per year

Domeinnaam Registreren .com

€ 19,30

per year

Domeinnaam Registreren .EU

€ 10,83

per year

Domeinnaam Registreren .SHOP

€ 50,46

per year

Domeinnaam Registreren .ONLINE

€ 50,46

per year

* Prices are renewal prices and incl.VAT.
* Please note that for .NL and .NU domain names, we maintain your current provider’s billing cycle. If these domain names are about to expire, our renewal price will apply. For other extensions, we charge a transfer fee and adjust the billing cycle upon relocation.

Proffesionalize the use of your domain name

Premium DNS

With Premium DNS, you ensure faster loading time of your service and are better protected against DDoS attacks.

SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate is a digital security certificate that protects personal information and financial transactions.

Free transfer service for your domain names

We welcome you to the world of Hosting.NL. That’s why we move your domain names, website and/or e-mail at no additional cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A domain name is the address that people type into their Web browser to visit a specific Web site on the Internet. It acts as the unique identifier for a Web site, such as “” or “,” and allows users to find and visit the desired site.

To move your existing domain name to us, you need a transfer token that you request from your current provider. Enter this token during our ordering process; upon completion of your order, we will initiate the move. Start by checking your domain name on our site, select “Transfer,” enter the move token, and complete the order with any additional products. Moves are submitted with a 2-hour delay, which gives you time to adjust DNS settings.

To register a domain name, first search for the availability of your desired domain name using the search function on the website. If the domain name is available, select it and add it to your shopping cart. You can also choose to add a hosting package. Then you complete the purchase by registering or logging in and making payment.

To email with your domain name at Hosting.NL, you can create free email addresses that are forwarded to an internal or external address, such as Gmail or Outlook. Log in to My Hosting and go to “Domain Names” via the Dashboard or top menu. Choose “Forward Email” from the left menu, enter the address to be forwarded (e.g. info or administration) and the target address (e.g. Click “Add” to set it up. For forwarding to multiple addresses, repeat these steps and separate the target addresses with a comma.

To redirect your domain name to your website, you can easily set up a 301 domain redirect through My Hosting. Log in with your username and password, go to “Domain Names” in the Dashboard or via the menu, and select the domain name you want to redirect. Next, choose “Forward Domain” from the left menu and activate the referral. Allow for a short activation time; use an incognito window to test the redirect.