Registering a domain name; International rules and tips

At SQR.NL, you can now choose from 867 domain extensions. In addition to the very common .nl, .com and .eu, you can also choose .amsterdam, .sport, .training or . tv, for example. Your chosen extension gives Google insight into the information found on the website in question. So the right url is part of your search engine optimization policy. Here are some tips and rules for registering a domain name.

International rules

The name you choose when you register will appear after https://www. and before the extension (.nl, .com etc.). Internationally, there are some rules for this:

  • A domain name consists of letters of our alphabet, numbers and/or minus signs;
  • A domain name consists of a minimum of two and a maximum of 67 characters;
  • A domain name does not contain capital letters, spaces or other extraneous characters;
  • Certain words are excluded from registration. For example, a domain name may not contain a dishonorable or lewd word.
  • Using only numbers for a domain name is allowed in the case of a .nl, .com, .net, and .org.


  • Choose the right extension. Does your website focus on the Netherlands? Then choose .nl, .com or .net as your extension. Do you (also) target other countries? Then choose the extension of the country concerned. For example, choose .de for Germany and choose .be if you target Belgium. If you are active in multiple countries, you can also choose a generic top-level domain such as .eu, .com, .net or .org.
  • Is .nl already taken? Then consider going for .amsterdam or .org, for example, and indicate in Google Search Console that your website focuses on the Netherlands.
  • Choose a short, descriptive and powerful domain name. A shorter name is easier to remember and reduces the chance of typos. With a descriptive name, your domain name is more likely to be clicked on in Google.
  • Register your domain name with several extensions. This prevents someone else from registering your .nl domain name as a .com domain name. Also consider the more ‘exotic’ extensions such as .tv and .media or .online
  • Register multiple domain names. For example, in addition to your brand name, register your product name as a domain name.
  • Also register the other variants with or without hyphens (minus sign) and abbreviations. You can redirect these additional domain names to the actual published website.
  • Make sure your domain name is easy to spell. This makes it easier for visitors to remember and visit your domain name.
  • Improve your findability by including relevant search terms in your domain name.
  • Is your website locally focused? For example, use the city name in your domain name.
  • Be careful about using brand names in your domain name. The owner of the trademark will most likely not allow this use.

What is a good domain name?

Choose a domain name that fits your product or service, describes your work. It is advisable to choose a domain name that your visitors can easily remember. Or maybe you just have a great idea for a domain name and it’s still free! You can check this with the domain checker. Would you like expert advice with no obligation? If so, please contact us. You can read how to register a domain name in our support article.


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