Deploy your Directus Node.js application

In this article, we’ll explain how to get started with the Node.JS application Directus.

Activate a Node.JS hosting package and SSL

  1. For your domain name, order a Node.JS hosting package through this link.
  2. In Plesk, make sure Let’s Encrypt is active for the domain name

Add the git Repository

  1. In the Plesk Dashboard, click Install application and then Deploy using Git
  2. Click on the Add Repository button
  3. enter as Repository URL the Github Repository URL:
  4. Click Create

Create a database

  1. In the Plesk Dashboard, click Databases
  2. Create a database and remember the database name, username and password
    Look here for help regarding creating a database.

configure the hosting package

  1. In Plesk, open the File Manager page and open the httpdocs/api folder
  2. Create a file called .env

Now fill the file with the appropriate values as in step 5 on this page.

Launch the Directus Node.JS application

  1. In Plesk, click Install application again and then Node.js
    1. As Document Root folder, select the appropriate folder in the httpdocs folder
    2. As Application Startup File , select the appropriate startup file
  2. Click on Enable Node.JS button

  3. Directus is now launched

install any dependencies

  1. In Plesk, click Node.JS and then NPM Install to install all NPM dependencies


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