Free Migration Service

Free Migration Service We provide a seamless transfer of your domain names, website, and email at no additional cost. Leave your name and phone number so we can schedule the move with you.

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Full-service migration

When transferring your website and/or email to us, our Hosting Specialists will guide you through the entire process. They make sure everything moves flawlessly and without downtime.

No hidden costs

We believe you deserve the best service, so we offer our full moving service at no extra charge. If for any reason there would be additional costs, we will notify you in a timely manner.

Post-move support

After a successful move, we provide aftercare during the first working week to resolve any minor problems. If you still encounter something, please contact us and our hosting specialists will be happy to help you!

The steps of the
free moving service

  1. Fill out the migration form

  2. One of our colleagues will contact you to go over everything.

  3. After the interview, we may still need data from you. For this, you will be given a form to fill out. Once you have sent it, we will schedule the move for you.

  4. According to agreement, we perform the move. As soon as the move is complete you will be notified by us.

What makes us different
than other
hosting parties

Hosting.NL is a leading organization within the hosting industry. We use the latest and most advanced equipment to provide our customers with speed, security and stability. Thanks to this commitment, we score 100% on and are ISO and NEN certified.

At Hosting.NL, we make every effort to ensure sovereignty. We understand the importance of protecting our customer data and therefore strive to ensure that it does not fall into the wrong hands.

Reliable for 25 27 years already

We can blow out another candle because we have now been a major player in the hosting industry for 27 years!

Proud of our roots

We are immensely proud of our Dutch roots. We are a hosting company based in Alkmaar and part of the Cyso Group.

Outstanding customer service

For years, we’ve been doing everything we can to provide the best support and that’s reflected in our TrustPilot score. Our hosting specialists are happy to assist you! Hall-of-Fame

We are proud to be one of the few hosting parties in’s hall-of-fame for modern Internet standards.

Need help from our
hosting specialists?

Need answers to an urgent question or help from our support now? Our hosting specialists are only too happy to assist you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once we receive the completed form, we will contact you within 24 hours to schedule the move!

If you move your website and/or email to us, our Hosting Specialists will help you all the time. They make sure that everything goes well and that your website or e-mail does not go offline.

How long it takes depends on how much we have to move. Usually the move is completed within an hour after we start. But sometimes we have to wait for something like DNS (TTL) so it may take a little longer.

You can move your website and e-mail to us yourself, but this is quite difficult. The wrong choice can cause problems with your e-mail or server. Our hosting specialists do this every day and are experienced in moves. Moreover, our moving service is completely free of charge. So why do it yourself?

Moving your website or email to Hosting.NL is completely free of charge. At Hosting.NL, we believe that you deserve the best support, and we’re happy to help you transfer your services to us. That’s why we offer the Hosting migration service.

No, unfortunately we are not allowed to cancel services with your old hosting provider for you. We recommend that you cancel the services after the move is done.