Longer retention time for local backups πŸŽ‰

Good news for everyone using our Plesk hosting packages. Theretention time (retention) for local backups has been increased to 30 days!

You could already use the local backups to restore (or download) mailboxes, databases, website settings and website files but theretention of these backups was 7 days until now and has now been increased to 1 month!

Local backups, what are they?

We make two types of backups: Local and off-site backups. Local backups are stored in the same data center and are accessible to customers. Off-site backups are stored in another data center and are not accessible to customers.

Click here if you want to learn more about the different types of backups….

Help! I do not have a Plesk hosting package

Are you already a customer with us? Call or chat with us to request a free (and painless!) move to a Plesk package!
Not a customer with us yet? Then solve that quickly and order your hosting package at https://hosting.nl/products/webhosting/ and then request the free transfer of your website and/or e-mail.

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