change the spam filter settings

It may be desirable to change the default spam filter settings. In this way, for example, the threshold value can be lowered so that e-mail is marked as spam faster, e-mail from new domains is rejected or the spam filter can be turned off altogether.

Here’s how to manage spam filter settings

Follow the steps below to open the page with all spam filter settings.

  • Log in to My Hosting
  • Click on Services
  • Click on the appropriate subscription
  • Click the Login button on the Plesk control panel
  • Then click on SpamExperts Email Security
  • Click on Manage in SpamFilter Panel
  • Click on Filter settings

Lower the threshold value

We use a default threshold of 0.9 (90%). This means that emails classified with a value higher than this threshold are considered spam and will not be delivered. It is possible to lower the threshold so that emails are more likely to be seen as spam.

However, do not set the value too low! The lower the threshold, the higher the chance that legitimate e-mail will be blocked.

In addition, don’t forget to help us improve the system by reporting spam. This is how to report spam.

On the Filter Settings page, lower the Quarantine threshold / Quarantine threshold value, for example, to 0.85 and then click Save.

Want to know how a particular email scores? Then look at the email headers (read how here ) and check the value for X-SpamExperts-Evidence: Combined or X-SpamExperts-Outgoing-Evidence: Combined

X-SpamExperts-Evidence: Combined (0.12)
X-SpamExperts-Outgoing-Evidence: Combined (0.13)

Reject email from new domains

On the Filter Settings page, tick ON the Block messages from newly registered domains option to reject messages from newly registered domains.

Disable the spam filter altogether

To disable the spam filter altogether, on the Filter Settings page check the Quarantine enabled option OFF. In addition, you can set the Spam Notation that is added to the subject of emails that are flagged as spam by the filtering system.

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