authorize ip address to use outgoing spam filter

If you want to use the outbound Antispam and Antivirus Service, you can get started in two ways.
You can get started with IP address-based authentication or SMTP username-based authentication.

In the article below, we explain how to authenticate based on an IP address. However, do you want to use an SMTP username and password? Then read this article.


Authorize an IP address for the outgoing spam filter

  1. Log in op Mijn Hosting
  2. Click on Services
  3. Click on the appropriate subscription
  4. Click the Go to Spam Experts control panel button
  5. Click on
    Manage Users
    under Outgoing

Now enter the IP address in the IP address field (optionally with a subnet) and the domain name you created earlier.
Save the changes using the Add and Set button .

We recommend the following advanced user settings on the subsequent page:

  1. Identification method: Envelope Sender
  2. Automatic lock: Yes
  3. Lock identities automatically: Yes
  4. Valid sender address required: Yes

The outbound user now ready for use! Want to know more about advanced user settings? Then read this article.

You can now proceed to configure your MTA or Web site to send e-mail through the outgoing spam filter.

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