set a destination

If you want to use Filtermail, you need to set up a destination domain.

  • For the incoming filter, this is needed to set the route to the destination.
  • for the outgoing filter this is needed as an identifier for the purpose of user authentication

Read below how to add a domain and set up a route in a few steps.

Setting a destination for incoming email

  1. Log in op Mijn Hosting
  2. Click on Services
  3. Klik op het juiste abonnement
  4. Click the Go to Spam Experts control panel button
  5. Click Add domain to add a new domain or go directly to step 7
  6. Enter the domain name in the Domain field and click continue
  7. Enter the Destination routes / Destination routes
    Note: Is this domain used only as an outgoing relay? Then the destination is irrelevant and is not used anywhere.

    1. Here you enter the FQDN of the server to receive the e-mail. For example:
    2. The gate is generally 25 but can be adjusted as desired
  8. Click Add to make the configuration active

If applicable, you can now modify the MX records of your domain name:

Record nameTypePriorityTarget or or
  • For the incoming filter: disable SPF control on your own e-mail server.

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