A static WordPress website something for you?


A static WordPress website can offer several advantages over a dynamic WordPress website. Here are some reasons why it can be good to use a static WordPress website:

  1. Speed: Static websites are generally much faster than dynamic websites. This is because it does not require database queries or server-side scripts to generate pages. A fast Web site can improve the user experience because pages load quickly, reducing the likelihood of abandonment.
  2. Security: Static Web sites are less prone to security breaches because there are no interactive elements that hackers can take advantage of, such as forms or databases. A static site requires less maintenance in terms of security updates. This can result in a more secure website.
  3. Scalability: Static sites can be scaled easily because the server does not have to perform heavy calculations. This means that the site remains stable even with a large number of visitors.
  4. Cost savings: Hosting a static Web site is usually cheaper because it requires fewer server resources. This may be of interest to entrepreneurs with limited budgets.
  5. Reliability: Static sites tend to be more reliable because there are fewer moving parts. This means less chance of technical failures or errors.
  6. SEO friendliness: Static sites can be more easily optimized for search engines because the content is static and search engines can index it more easily. This can lead to better visibility in search results.
  7. Sustainability: Static websites generally have a smaller carbon footprint because they consume fewer server resources.

In addition, content management in WordPress is still possible, but publishing new content requires generating new static pages. However, this can easily be done from the WordPress dashboard.

In summary, a static WordPress website offers advantages in terms of speed, security, manageability and cost savings. It can be an excellent choice for certain purposes, such as personal blogs, portfolios or informational Web sites, where interactivity and dynamic content are less important than performance and security.

Are you all set to get started with a static WordPress website? Then follow the steps in our comprehensive guide to making your WordPress website static.

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