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As a start-up online entrepreneur, where do you start? Setting up a corporate identity and designing a logo? Claiming your own domain name and selecting the right content management system (CMS) for your business? Perhaps you’ve already done some good research, perhaps this is the start of your research. Anyway, we’ve listed some of the things you’ll have to deal with as a start-up entrepreneur if you want to set up your own website or web shop.

In addition to our article on starting your own business, below we have listed information on selecting a hosting party, choosing a CMS such as WordPress, Joomla! or Magento 2. But also information on legal issues such as how to properly implement and handle forms on your website. Due to the European legislation (AVG/GDPR) that every business owner has to deal with.

And sometimes we also just give something away to clients to make them even more successful, as you can see in this video.


How do I approach setting up my website?


Here’s how to choose the right domain name for your website

You can think of a domain name as the foundation of your online business. The findability and-indirectly-the success of your website are influenced by the domain name and its extension. In addition to traditional extensions…



Here’s how to choose the right web hosting

The supply of web hosting parties is ever increasing. This does not make it easier for you, the end user, to choose the right web hosting package. But what to look out for…. Read more



Choose the right CMS for your website

The first choice you face when you want to create a website. Many websites are managed through a Content Management System (CMS). There are … Read more



Choose the right platform for your shop

Magento 2 and WooCommerce are both open-source packages that help develop an online store. Despite the fact that both platforms allow consumers to order their products online, numerous differences can also be found…. Read more


How do I secure my website?


The best security for your (WordPress) website

If you are a web builder or programmer working with a CMS like WordPress, security is a major concern. Because WordPress is so user-friendly, it is widely used… Read more



Why do I need an SSL certificate?

The little lock in your browser bar is a familiar sight by now, especially if you make online purchases. A sign that an SSL certificate has been installed. It means the site is secure, but what does the little lock do to protect you?…. Read more


How do I improve my website?


Which SSL certificate is right for my website?

A hot topic right now: securing your website with HTTPS, or linking an SSL certificate. Based on the security needed for your site, you can choose from the range of certificates available. The European privacy law AVG/GDPR requires websites and web shops with contact forms or newsletter subscription forms to comply with the new regulations…. Read more



Improve your website for search engines

A well-built website or web shop is a must to rank nicely in search engines. For this, a good CMS like WordPress, Joomla!, Magento 2 or Drupal is essential. Furthermore, it is necessary… Read more



Image and search engine optimization

An optimal score of your website in search engines such as Google depends -in addition to proper text writing- also on the attention given to the images on the website… Read more



Test the speed of your website

Do you know whether or not your website loads quickly? The first step to improving the speed of your website is to test the pages of your website. You have to figure out how… Read more



Go for maximum loading speed for your website

When you are on the Internet looking for information, you want it on your screen quickly. Nothing is more annoying than long waits for pages to load and the images that… Read more



Create the perfect landing page for your website

They don’t know your company yet and need to be convinced that your products or services are worthwhile. A powerful tool for this are landing pages as an entry point to your website…. Read more


How will I store and share data?


Collection and storage of data must follow rules

At the end of 2015, the new European Personal Data Protection Act was adopted by the European Parliament. This new law, … Read more


Charts and analytical data on the tablet screen with a cup of coffee on a wooden vintage table.

Getting started with Google Analytics

Through Google Analytics, you can easily view the statistics of your website. So you can quickly see the number of unique visitors, which page… Read more


How do I bring attention to my website?


What social media should you use as an entrepreneur?

As a (start-up) entrepreneur, of course you want to be seen. Maybe you already have a large network, but even without a large network, you can market your business well: with social media. Before you choose a company name… Read more