Partner worden van Hosting.NL

  • Receive discount 5 to 20% off
  • Offer white label products
  • Bill your own customers if you wish
  • Includes technical customer service

If you are a web designer or full-service Internet agency, we would like to get in touch with you. Experience the power of collaboration!


As a partner, receive volume discounts on Hosting.NL products


How do I become a partner?

Are you a web builder, web designer or full-service Internet agency? Do you create websites, web shops or provide other online services to your clients? If so, we would like to welcome you as a partner. You will receive 5 to 20% discount on the services you purchase. The more you purchase, the higher the discount!

Moving service

We arrange the relocation of your websites and e-mail from another hosting party, without downtime. Call us to discuss the possibilities.

When do I get a discount?

The volume discount is determined based on the amount of services you purchase from us. The discount applies to all our products such as Web hosting, WordPress hosting, Email hosting, VPS, Antispam and Antivirus Service from SpamExperts and SSL certificates. The discount also applies to .nl, .com, .eu and .be domain name registrations. Volume discounts start at 5% and can go as high as 20%.

White label

As a partner, you provide first-line support to your clients and also bill for services yourself. We bill you for the services provided minus the volume discount. You are, of course, free to set your own price to your customers.

Clear billing

Would you like to receive one collective invoice each month for ongoing services? You can do that with the“collective invoices” option in My Hosting.


Sign up directly

Call us or let us know at that you are interested in becoming a partner.


Onze partners


We enjoy working with others to make our clients (even) more successful. Among them are web shop specialists, web designers, data security and marketing gurus. In short, all canny people who can help our clients achieve their online success! Should a question come up that we cannot help with, because we simply do not do that work, we are happy to put them in touch with one of our partners. They are listed randomly below, because ultimately our client chooses who he or she likes to work with.

Aanvullende diensten


Are you a Hosting.NL customer and one of those professionals who can help our customers with, for example, design, optimization of the webshop or website or do you have other additional services we can make Hosting customers happy with? We take Hosting partnership very seriously and will therefore point our customers to the specialists who are registered with us as partners. Feel free to let us know what skills you have to offer and who knows, maybe your logo will be on this page soon!