API v1.1: now usable for managing own domains and DNS zones πŸŽ‰

We have updated our API and from now on the API can be used to manage own domains and DNS zones!

Until now, the API could only be used to manage your clients’ services, domains and DNS zones but it was not yet possible to manage your own domains and DNS zones. As of now, it does!

Through our API you can from now on for yourself and your customers:

  • retrieve all domains in your account
  • query the availability of a domain
  • register a domain
  • Submit a domain transfer
  • retrieve the details of a domain name
  • retrieve the transfer token of a domain name
  • update the WHOIS information of a domain name
  • query the DNS zone of a domain name
  • modify a DNS record
  • Adding a DNS record to a DNS zone
  • delete a DNS record
  • retrieve the details of a contact
  • change the details of a contact person
  • delete a contact
  • add a contact

Full API documentation can be accessed at https://api.hosting.nl/api/documentation
Would you also like to get started with our API? Then click here.

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