our new API is LIVE! 🥳

Put on your party hat because our new API is LIVE! Our programmers have been working hard on this new version recently. The new version is packed with new features!

OpenAPI specifications

First, we rewrote our API according to the OpenAPI v3 specification. Existing tools such as the OpenAPI Generator can now more easily handle our API. You can find our API documentation (JSON) here.

the API is now available to all customers

Our API was previously only available to partners but from now on it can be used by all our customers. Click here to create your first API key (or here for a tutorial).

now manage your API keys yourself

You can now create new API keys and modify or delete existing API keys yourself!

For each API endpoint, configure permissions

You can now set read and write permissions for each API key. For example, you can create an API key that reads DNS records and another API key that writes DNS records.

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