PHP 7 now available for all web hosting packages

As of early this week, all SQR.NL web hosting packages are configured with PHP 7 by default instead of PHP 5.6. Although we planned to do this right away when we officially launched the SQR.NL services, not enough testing had been done to be sure it would work perfectly. So we have done that now and now PHP 7 is ready for all our customers.

Why move to PHP 7?

The biggest advantage of PHP 7 is its much faster speed. For the development of PHP 7, the underlying technology has been thoroughly revamped. This has resulted in PHP 7 being on average twice as fast as its predecessors. In addition, there is also a
new functionality
added. Check out the following infographic with information about speed on some well-known CMS systems: performance benchmarks.

Converting your website to PHP 7

If you already had an existing web hosting package with SQR.NL, PHP 5.6 will still be active for your website. If you would like to convert this, please let our
customer service
. They can easily adjust it for you. Don’t know what version of PHP is active and what modules are available? You can read all the information about the version of PHP and active modules by calling “phpinfo()” on a page on your website.

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