Price change 2023

Price changes are never fun but sometimes unfortunately necessary. On January 2, 2023, our prices will change for new orders and the price of products you purchase from us. We index the prices of all packages and domain name registrations.

This price change is being made due to sharply increased costs of our procurement; think higher energy prices, higher prices for hardware and higher wages.

We index the price of subscriptions by 9%. Indexing for domain name registrations varies by extension. Partner discounts and specific price agreements will of course continue to apply but will also be indexed.

The new annual prices of the most popular domain name extensions are listed below:

Domain extensionCurrent base priceNew base price
.nl€ 8,25€ 8,95
.eu€ 7,99€ 8,95
.be€ 7,99€ 8,95
.de€ 7,99€ 9,95
.fr€ 8,00€ 8,95
.org€ 15,52€ 15,95
*Prices listed are excl. BTW.
The price for .com domains is not going up at this time.

Domain extensionBronze / bulk 10Silver / bulk 50Gold / bulk 100Platinum / bulk 500
.nl€ 8,50€ 8,06€ 7,61€ 5,34
.eu€ 8,50€ 8,06€ 7,61€ 7,16
.be€ 8,50€ 8,06€ 7,61€ 7,16
.de€ 9,45€ 8,96€ 8,46€ 7,96
.fr€ 8,50€ 8,06€ 7,61€ 7,16
.org€ 15,15€ 14,36€ 13,56€ 12,76
*Prices listed are excl. BTW.
The price for .com domains is not going up at this time.

For a full price overview, check out our domain extension page, where you’ll see the new price in the ‘Renew’ column. Or view the ‘bulk’ column on the right to see the price including the relevant discount….

Do you have questions about this e-mail? Please ask them above all, we are here for you via chat, email or phone!

* article last modified on Dec. 5: the platinum price for .nl was not listed correctly.

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