What can customers expect from our customer service?

What can customers expect from us

We are a so-called “Self Service” hosting provider. Of course, our free customer service assists in ordering, managing and configuring the services we offer and assists as long as necessary to configure services. Below you can read about what we all do and what we can’t help you with.

Did you know that for managing your services in My SQR, we have an extensive knowledge base where we try to answer every “My SQR question”? To help customers get the most out of the services we have a range of knowledge base articles as well as support by phone, chat and email.

What we always do

  • We advise customers on everything about our web and email hosting
  • We explain to customers how work can be done in My SQR
  • We make every effort to enable customers to make the best use of our services
  • We will take over a screen if required to configure a mailbox, for example
    – We only stop when receiving and sending email works

What we don’t usually do

  • We usually do not do work in My SQR for customers

What we never do

  • We do not solve general computer problems
    – This includes problems with the e-mail client (e.g., “Outlook does not start”)
    – This includes problems with the internet
  • We do not set printers
  • We do not perform migrations to VPS or Cloud environments
  • We do not come on site to troubleshoot or set up accounts
  • We do not perform work at other hosting providers

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