Linking email hosting to my domain name

Did you order an e-mail hosting subscription from Hosting. NL and have your domain name running elsewhere? No problem, just make the DNS changes in the chart below and you can get started with your e-mail hosting right away.

If your domain name is already running at Hosting, this will be set up automatically.

DNS settings for E-mail hosting

In order for the email hosting ordered from Hosting.NL to work, you must ensure that your domain name points to Hosting’s mail server. You do this by checking the DNS settings.

  • Login to your domain name provider and look up your domain name’s DNS settings.
  • Are MX records already active? Then replace it. If no MX records are present yet, add them: of @ MX 10 of @ MX 20
  • To ensure that the webmail can also be accessed add or modify, the following record: of @ A IP adres e-mailhosting
    What is my IP address
  • To ensure that you do not have to configure the mail manually, you can also add/modify the following records: A IP adres e-mailhosting A IP adres e-mailhosting A IP adres e-mailhosting

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