Switching accounts within My Hosting

This guide will tell you how to invite an existing My Hosting account to access your account. This access allows them to manage “certain” components. For example, you can give your website administrator access to your web hosting so they can manage your website.

This way, users can log in with their own My Hosting login credentials and once logged in, select the appropriate account. Below we explain what this then looks like and how you can switch between accounts.

Choose the account profile

  • Login to My Hosting with your own login credentials
  • You are immediately given the choice of which account to log in under
    On the right you see the owner and on the left is the user who also has access
  • Choose one
  • You are now logged in under the chosen account and can manage the account with the permissions granted

Switching between account profiles

  • Now switch back to the other linked account by clicking on the ‘Account name’ in the upper right corner
  • From there, choose the ‘Switch profiles’ option
  • You now return to the above screen where you can select the other profile

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