What is Single Sign-On?

When adding a user in My Hosting, you can give the user different permissions. On this page we explain how to add a user as well as which permissions you need to check to grant certain management functions. We also indicate that Single Sign-On should sometimes be checked. But what does that actually mean? And what doesn’t happen when this is off? We explain it to you below.

Single Sign-On

By checking Single Sign-on when assigning user permissions, you ensure that trusted applications and third-party providers automatically authenticate users in My Hosting without the user having to re-authenticate.

Users are redirected to a specific My Hosting client area destination based on a single-use access token obtained by the system.

This means that as a (new) user, for example, you can use the “Login to the Plesk control panel” button and automatically log into Plesk. So the Plesk login credentials are not also necessary for this.

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