100% score internet.nl email test

From now on, your domain name can achieve a 100% score in the internet.nl email test for modern Internet standards!🥳.

100% score for websites as well as email 🥳

For websites it has long been customary to achieve a 100% score with us but for the email test a 97% score was the highest achievable for a long time but even there our clients now score 100%!

the last 3% and TLSA

That last 3% was missing because for our incoming email filter from SpamExperts, TLSA DNS records were not yet active for DANE (DANE freely translated means: DNS-based Authentication of Named Entities).

eeh. TLSA and DANE?

In short, DANE ensures that a service’s SSL certificate can be verified using special DNS records. These special DNS records are called TLSA DNS records.

In the case of our incoming email filter from SpamExperts, the underlying software uses a particular SSL certificate and the public key of that SSL certificate is now in the DNS of the domain nameantispam-login.net via a TLSA DNS record. This allows anyone, or any application sending email to our systems, to verify that the certificate offered byour incoming email filter matches what is registered in the DNS (DANE for short). This prevents a so-called man-in-the-middle attack.

So now 100% score for your website as well as email!

Your domain name can now achieve a 100% score on internet.nl’s website and email test. Quickly do the test for your website here or the test for email here to see how your domain name scores. Does your domain name still not reach 100%? Not to worry, follow the steps in this article to take your domain name’s security score to the next level.

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