An e-mail address without a mailbox?

It may sound confusing, but it is indeed possible. Companies often use general e-mail addresses in addition to employee e-mail addresses. The info, contact or administration email address are examples.

The difference between email addresses and mailboxes

To clarify, a mailbox is the storage space to which an e-mail address may be attached. If an e-mail address is not associated with a mailbox, it can be a forwarding address, an alias or a distribution list.

  • With a forwarding address, e-mail from one address is delivered directly to a mailbox to which another e-mail address is attached.
  • An alias* is an e-mail address associated with an existing mailbox. This is often used when employees have a mailbox under their full name, but also want to receive mail on their first name only.
  • Finally, you have a distribution list where one e-mail address forwards incoming e-mail to multiple mailboxes.

With E-mail Business from SQR.NL, you purchase mailboxes per employee. The info address forwarded to this employee does not need its own storage space, as it arrives at an employee. The storage space is, so to speak, “borrowed” from the employee. You can create an unlimited number of e-mail addresses and redirect them to an employee’s mailbox.

Economical alternative

This application makes Email Business a very economical alternative to Office365 or Google Suite, for example. As a company, you can put together what is called a working group of several employees who will be using Email Business. For an intern, you could order a smaller mailbox (5GB) and for an executive or a project manager, for example, a mailbox of 20GB or more. The mailboxes are accompanied by individual cloud storage, called briefcase, and shareable calendar. Ideal for collaboration, file storage and cross-platform sharing.

More information or trying it out?

To assemble your workgroup and learn more, visit our Email Business page.

*With SQR.NL’s basic email, you can create redirects but not aliases. You can set an alias only for an existing email address in your workgroup; redirect can basically be set to any email address.

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