Speed up your website and increase your sales WITHOUT extra programming work

This article is intended for website owners who are not yet using our Superfast WordPress hosting packages or the features offered by Nginx within their existing hosting package.

Studies have shown for years that the speed of a website greatly affects the conversion rate of visitors. If you follow the steps below you can do WITHOUT additional programming andWITHOUT a big investment make your website faster and get more revenue from your website.

How about a faster website?

Did you know that a website that loads in one second has a three times higher conversion rate compared to one that loads in five seconds? (source)

  • and did you know, for example, that the conversions of major U.S. retailer Walmart increased by 2% for every second their website loaded faster? (source)
  • and that Deloitte studied that for every 100ms of speed gain, retail customers will spend 10% more?
  • and did you also know that Think with Google has quantified that half of mobile visitors leave a website if the page does not load within 3 seconds? And that half of your visitors are probably mobile visitors?

So if your website does not load within 3 seconds you may have lost up to 25% of your potential customers.
Wondering how fast your website loads? A good way to measure that is available at GTMetrix ‘s website (we don’t have shares…). You can create a free account if you wish to save your results.

The faster your website loads, the longer visitors are inclined to stay on your website and the more they are inclined to take a certain action ( convert); whether that is placing an order or filling out a contact form. Because speed is not only important for e-commerce websites: when BMW redeveloped their mobile website with the goal of creating a better experience for mobile visitors, the number of click through’s increased from 8% to 30%, 4x higher than before!

Just some numbers to reinforce the above. Suppose your website sells a €50 product and gets 1,000 visitors. Then, combined with the percentages above, this results in the following sales figures:

  • With a loading time of 1 second and a conversion rate of 3.05%, the revenue is €1,525.
  • With a loading time of 2 seconds and a conversion rate of 1.68%, the revenue is €840.
  • With a loading time of 3 seconds and a conversion rate of 1.12%, the revenue is €560.
  • With a loading time of 4 seconds and a conversion rate of 0.67%, revenue is €335

In this example, the difference in revenue between a loading time of four seconds and one second is €1,190, or a factor of 4.5x!

Follow the steps below to make your website faster AND generate more sales WITHOUT extra programming work and WITHOUTa big investment.

Here’s how to make your website faster

To make your website faster, we discuss two options. With the first option, you’ll get started with one of our Superfast Hosting packages and with the second option we’ll discuss optimization options within your existing hosting package.

Option 1: make your website faster with Litespeed technology

This option allows you to get a 100% score at GTMetrix or Web.Dev!

click for expanded image
Click on the image for comprehensive figures!

For this option, we move your website to our Superfast Hosting package. This package uses special technology to WITHOUT additional programming work andWITHOUT a large investment speed up websites! The package costs €6.30 per month per website and we move your current website at no additional cost.

Convinced? Leave your details on our relocation form, then order a package for 1, 2 or 4 websites and we will get to work for you! Not quite convinced yet or want a phone consultation first? That, of course, is also possible. Our specialists can be reached at072-751 34 06.

For the techies

The special technology I am talking about above concerns technology from Litespeed, specifically Litespeed Enterprise. The performance ofLitespeed is phenomenal. Litespeed loads well-programmed websites 2 (compared to Nginx) to 3 (compared to Apache) times faster. With average programmed websites, we have seen results where websites load 10x faster and with one particular poorly programmed website, the load time even improved from 20 seconds to under 1 second.

Below are some results from Lighthouse for a sample WordPress website ona Superfast Hosting package:

First Paint: 135ms
Time to Interactive: 206ms
Speed Index: 178ms
Total Blocking Time: 15ms
Largest Contentful Paint: 239ms
Cum. Layout Shift: 0

Option 2: make your website faster within your current package

Not ready for ourSuperfast Hosting package yet? No problem, there is also room for improvement within your current hosting package! And you can always move later!

To make your website load faster within the capabilities of your current package, some minor technical changes need to be made after which your website will start using Nginx and Nginx caching. It is further important that you check the operation of your website yourself afterwards. That check is important because a small percentage of websites cannot handle these enhancements.

You can easily make these changesyourself or ask us to do it for you – free of charge. Provided the hosting is hosted with us.

Follow the steps in this article to make your website faster within 10 minutes using Nginx.

For the techies

Using the technology ofNginx and by using Nginx caching there are very good results that contribute to the loading times of a website. Below is anumber of resultsfrom Lighthouse for a sample WordPress website on standard hosting package with our recommended Nginx settings.

First Paint: 425ms
Time to Interactive: 729ms
Speed Index: 589ms
Total Blocking Time: 139ms
Largest Contentful Paint: 798ms
Cum. Layout Shift: 0.07

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