Are you already prepared for Black Friday?

Black Friday comes from America. It is the first day after Thanksgiving. From that day forward, many Americans begin to do their shopping for Christmas. Marketers have capitalized on this by creating Black Friday. Huge discounts and good deals are flying across the country. Sales, online and in stores, are skyrocketing. Sometimes it’s “gone=out,” then there are people fighting for the last products they want at the lowest price. Online, this can create spikes, i.e. extra load, for your webshop.

More sales with a clear url

By registering a .blackfriday domain name, even more people can easily find your website. It is clear to customers that this page is focused on Black Friday. Customers will look for great deals which in turn can lead to more sales.

Do you want to be well prepared for lots of visitors?

As you can imagine, your website will get more and more visitors on Black Friday. So to ensure that your website does not crash, or become tremendously slow -which can result in lost sales- it is important to have a good web hosting package.

Do you have your web hosting in order?

About testing the speed of your site and checking the maximum loading speed of your site, we have previously published two articles. Maybe you need to expand your web hosting package?

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When is Black Friday?

The date is different every year, but always on the 4th Friday of November. Many actions then continue beyond the weekend. In 2021, Black Friday falls on Nov. 26.

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