Are you having trouble sending mail to Google (Gmail)?

Are you having trouble sending mail to Google addresses (Gmail)? We have the solution for you. Earlier we informed you in our blog article about the importance of an SPF record in the DNS of your domain name. Having an SPF record was not yet mandatory at the time of writing the blog article, however, since the beginning of this year, Google mandates the presence of an SPF record and blocks all mail sent from a domain name without a valid SPF record.

How do you know that your sent message is rejected?

Almost immediately after sending your e-mail to the receiving Google user (Gmail), you receive a bounce message back. Below is an example of such a bounce message:

bounce google

In this email, Google talks about problems with authentication. A link is immediately included in the bounce mail that contains several solutions.

What is the solution?

The solution is simple, make sure you set a correct SPF record in your domain name’s DNS.

1. For domain names with with email or web hosting at SQR.NL

We have already made sure that on your domain names, which has an email or hosting subscription, you have a correctly set SPF record. Are you now using another server or newsletter service in addition to SQR. NL’s servers? Then make sure that these servers also get permission to send mail on behalf of your domain name.

2. For self-managed domain names

Do you own your domain names, but purchase e-mail or web hosting from SQR.NL? Then make sure you add an SPF record according to your domain name provider’s standard and that it contains at least the following: 

3. Are you not using SQR.NL’s services, but experiencing problems?

Then read our blog: What is an SPF record and why do I need it? in which we explain in clear terms what an SPF record is, how it is structured and how you can implement it in your domain name’s DNS. Next, contact your domain name provider and e-mail provider to get the correct information into the SPF record.

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