Do you want DANE? Relay your email through us

DANE is a protocol for publishing SSL certificate keys in DNS. Many organizations with their own email platform find it tremendously difficult to implement DANE, and that’s understandable!

What is DANE?

To implement DANE as an organization, the public key of the SSL certificate of the email platform the organization uses (for example, or must be included in the DNS (of and renewed as soon as the SSL certificate is due for renewal.

The (temporary) solution

Of course, you will eventually want to implement DANE yourself but if that is not possible in the short term, you can activate our Spam Filter Service as a temporary solution.

How does it work?

By activating our Spam Filter Service, you deliver email for a domain name to us and we forward the email (to your organization’s email platform). By default, the Spam Filter Service also stops unwanted incoming e-mail but that extra filter can easily be disabled if desired so that e-mail is forwarded 1-to-1.

Who we are

We are Hosting.NL, part of the CYSO Group. For 26 years, since 1997, we have been keeping the most critical websites and applications of both Dutch and International companies online 24/7. Meanwhile, we are also in the Hall of Fame because we meet all the requirements for modern Internet standards such as DANE.

The cost

The exact cost depends on the organization’s e-mail volume. For most organizations, the €22.50 per month package is appropriate. Check out the Spam Filter Service page for all the possibilities, fully managed solutions are also among them.

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