Easily move a website and/or email environment yourself

Moving a Web site or e-mail environment manually is not always easy. Copying the files, ex- or importing the database or mailbox and-in the case of a Web site-setting up configuration files with database log-in data properly is quickly a technically challenging and time-consuming task.

In the spirit of Fun We Can’t Make It More Fun, We Can Make It Easier, we now have self-service programs for our do-it-yourself customers available that largely eliminates the technical challenge and quickly saves 90% of time. For the not-so-do-it-yourselfer, of course, our trusted moving service is still available where we take the work off your hands in its entirety (and free of charge!).

With the self-service programs, you move a WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, PrestaShop or Magento website with the click of a button. The respective application is automatically detected, the website files and database copied, and the file paths and database configuration files are automatically corrected.

All you need is the domain name, FTP username and FTP password.

And in the case of an e-mail environment, you only need the e-mail addresses, passwords and current server address.

Want to know more about this? Then click here to learn more about easily moving a website yourself or click here if you want to get started moving an email environment.

Would you still prefer not to perform the move yourself? No problem! Then use our relocation service – free of charge.

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