Everyone wants a reliable partner, right?

Whether it’s love or business arrangements, you want to be able to trust your partner. Studio Hekwerk is a design agency for online and offline communication and works with many changing partners such as photographers, illustrators, copywriters, programmers and communication consultants. All are all reliable specialists in their fields.

More than 25 years of experience

For many years I have been active as a designer of all kinds of communication tools. I have designed trade show booths, developed corporate identities and designed logos that have lasted for more than 25 years. As a designer, you should do above all what you are good at, and for the things you are less good at, you look for a reliable partner. You will work with specialists, such as printers, photographers and web hosting companies. As you work with a partner for years, trust grows.

I built my network during my career as a graphic designer and project manager. If a partner in 25 years does not violate your trust you can say it is a trustworthy partner.

Designing websites

Among other things, I am good at designing websites graphically and less good at programming them. I can build a simple site and program our own site. That way I can try things out and keep myself updated on new possibilities. But for the complex programming work, I rely on the expertise in my network. For websites, I’ve been working with the folks at Netweters and Bluedesk for years.

Through Roto B.V. – which I have worked for for several years – and Bluedesk, I came into contact with Cyso about 15 years ago for hosting Roto’s sites. All these years, Cyso has acted as a reliable partner and I was pleasantly surprised when they introduced SQR.NL. Finally an affordable reliable partner for the somewhat smaller websites.

Online communication

Design of online communications is a specialty of Studio Hekwerk. I take pride in every site I design. The nice thing about a website is that anyone around the world with an Internet connection can see it. So also can see how beautifully you made that. But if something goes wrong then the whole world can see it, which is why it should be fixed quickly if something doesn’t work as it should.

I was fairly done with the hosting companies that can only be reached through a ticket system and only take action when addressed directly via Twitter, for example. A website is a dynamic medium and must always be easily accessible. And if something goes wrong, we must be able to resolve it quickly. Studio Hekwerk owes that to its clients, which is why I prefer to work with parties that can respond quickly. Studio Hekwerk also likes to be a reliable partner. Like SQR.NL, which you can call, responds immediately to your mail and resolves things.

Since August 2018, Studio Hekwerk has been a “Bronze Partner” of SQR.NL.

Frank Kuin

Studio Fencing

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