Have you been approached to secure a domain name?

There are companies who call you -sometimes threateningly- saying that someone wants to register your company name as url with a .eu, .com or other extension. They often offer to buy your domain name and transfer it to you. This is often done at excessive rates. Our advice is never to respond to these calls! The (anonymous) caller is most likely the one who wants to do this registration or has already done so., with the goal of selling them to you. A lucrative business.

It is understandable that you feel intimidated or perhaps startled. After all, you want to protect your company name and reputation. Therefore, you are not waiting for a competitor to start operating under an almost identical name. Although you are legally strong if you are the first registrant of a domain name against direct competitors. You are even stronger legally if you registered your company name as a trademark when you started your business. A plasterer with the same business name as a greengrocer is not likely to be confusing. If you both operate in the same industry then it becomes a different story. Want to be informed in a timely manner about a domain name registration that is (too) close to your domain name? Then check out our Domain Monitor Service to see how you can protect against this. It is good to know that a domain name is always registered through an official registrar. These registrars will never actively approach you to secure a specific domain name.

Be patient

Often domain names for businesses are so specific that the caller himself does not benefit from the .eu or .com registration and only incurs costs. If you do eventually want to register these domains, wait until the domain becomes free on the market again. You may also be lucky enough that the specific domain has not yet been registered by the caller. In that case, you can easily claim the url yourself. Check with the domain checker to see if your desired domain name is still available. Either way, be patient.

domain name checker

Is the desired domain name taken?

You can check who has currently registered the domain name and from when to when the registration runs. Below is an overview of where to check out some. At the end date, you can then check again if the domain name has been released and then claim this url yourself.

Registrant Dutch domain name check

Registrant Belgian domain name check

Registrant European domain name check

Registrant global domain name check

Still have questions?

Still have questions about registering a domain name? Read our blogs about this or contact the support desk for specific questions.

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