Is a .shop domain name interesting for your organization?

Since September 26, domain names ending in .shop have been available and they are already very popular. On the release day of the extension, 50,000 domain names have already been sold worldwide with this extension, 39,801 of them in the first half-hour. But why is this extension so popular?

dot shop domain Most websites and web shops currently have a domain name ending in .com or .nl for the Netherlands. This is clear and easy for everyone to find, but if you are looking for a domain name for your (new) organization, it is often already taken. You can check this with the domain checker. If your organization is an online or offline store, you can now take advantage of the extension .shop. This extension is short, easy to remember and more importantly, it is understood almost worldwide. The .shop extension immediately shows that your organization is connected to retail. If you only have an offline store, it can also be interesting for marketing purposes.

If you already have a domain name for your store, you can also choose to use the .com extension for your corporate website and the .shop extension for your shop. Moreover, you can claim the .shop extension and redirect it to your website, so that no one else can claim it and run off with your customers.

A .shop extension is innovative and currently the best-selling new extension, as seen in the figure above from the list of top level domains (TLDs). So it could be very useful for you to choose a domain name with .shop if you want to sell something (online). Try it yourself. At ‘SQR.NL’ you can now register a domain name with the extension .shop for €2.50 per month. You have this taken care of within 1 minute via our

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