My email is being moved, what does that mean?

In this article, I explain the impact of moving your email. Want to learn more about the impact of moving your website instead? Then click right through to this article.

The short, and not so technical, version

When we perform the relocation of your mailboxes for you, no mail is lost. All e-mail in your mailbox(es) will be included and all incoming e-mail will also continue to arrive as normal. However, your webmail program will change and you will most likely have to reset your e-mail program and mobile device. Read how to do that again here.

The longer, and somewhat more technical, version

What will not be moved?

For some a given, for others a big surprise: your calendar and contacts will not be moved by us.
Calendar and contacts are only in your e-mail program or mobile device and we don’t have access to that.
Of course, you can export this data yourself from your e-mail program and then re-import it somewhere else.

What does get moved?

Everything related to your mailbox itself is moved: the linked e-mail addresses as well as the entire contents of your mailbox.
So both and are transferred as well as your Inbox, Sent Items and all other subfolders.

What happens during the move?

Just before we start moving e-mail, we tell “the Internet” that new e-mail should be sent to the new mailboxes.
Then, during the move, we move the contents of the mailboxes to completely new mailboxes.

Note that in some cases the password of the mailbox(es) changes.

How long will the move take?

Generally, a move is completed within 1 hour.
Exactly how long the move takes depends on the size of the mailboxes and the amount of mail in that mailbox.

You don’t have to wait to start using the new mailbox(es) until everything is finalized. All your old folders and emails will automatically show up in your new mailbox.

When is the move completed?

Once the contents of the mailboxes are moved we will close access to the old mailboxes and the move is complete.

What should I do after the move?

Testing! In principle, all e-mail is transferred but where there is a chop, there are chips. Therefore, we recommend going through the email and folders after the move.


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