SQR.NL launches new product: super fast SSD VPS

We are proud to announce that we are now offering VPS (Virtual Private Server)! From €5.49 (ex VAT) you already have your one VPS. On our website you will find 3 packages that we have already put together for you that you can order right away. But you can also build your completely own VPS by selecting the number of CPUs, desired RAM and Operating System, among other things.

After many tests and feedback from our partners, which we are very happy with, this service is ready for use, so we celebrated the official launch of this new service with our colleagues last Friday.

Extensive information on pricing, scalability and technical specifications can be found on our website. Still have questions or want advice on the best VPS for you? Then contact our support desk by email, chat or by phone: 072 751 34 06

Check out the 3 VPS packages we have prepared.

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