We are going to improve the encryption method of MySQL database passwords


Have you never done anything with MySQL database passwords before? Then you can probably ignore this message. Is an external application using a MySQL database hosted with us? In that case, read on.

We continuously move with the times. To meet the latest security requirements, we are going to improve the encryption method of some MySQL database passwords stored in the past. To improve the encryption method, we are going to re-save some MySQL database passwords. Since we do not have access to the current password, we will try to retrieve the password from the application (code) you hosted with us.

If you are using an (external) application, it is possible that there is an out-of-date password in the application (code) with us, as a result of which the wrong password will be stored by us and the application may no longer work.

To prevent us from changing the MySQL database password, you can re-save the MySQL database password yourself. We will then leave the password alone further. Read how to reset a MySQL database password yourself here.

For a number of MySQL database users, we probably cannot retrieve the current password and need your help to reset the passwords of these MySQL database users. If these MySQL database users are not used, they can be cleaned up.

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