Website builder added to our terms and conditions

We have supplemented our terms and conditions on a few points in connection with the introduction of our website builder.

General conditions

The summary of changes/additions:

Modified section 1.2.4:
Service(s): The service(s) provided by SQR to Customer under the Agreement, such as hosting websites, brokering domain name registration and email services and SQR website builder.

Supplement to section 2.3:

  • After the subscription is terminated, no further invoices will be sent for this subscription. All files, settings and any other information related to the subscription will be deleted. It is not possible to make/claim a copy of the website or data and house it elsewhere.
  • Images can be used in templates in SQR Website Builder at no additional cost. It is not allowed to redistribute, resell or license the images included in the templates separately.
  • SQR does not automatically generate backups for websites created and stored within SQR Website Builder. SQR Website Builder allows customers to create backups manually. The backup feature can be accessed through any Web site builder. To protect information created with the Web site builder, the client should make regular backups for himself. SQR assumes no responsibility for any loss of information stored on SQR Website builder.

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