What do we currently experience as annoying in the use of e-mail?

On Oct. 29, 1969, Charles Kine and sent an electronic message. This is celebrated annually on International Internet Day. Some 205 trillion emails are now sent per day worldwide. We created a top six irritations about using email.


1. Forgot to enter subject

By doing fill in the subject line, you increase the chances that the recipient will open the email. And the recipient can more quickly assess/see that it is not spam.

2. Business mail through free e-mail providers

You want to make it immediately clear that you are communicating from a business, right? Therefore, always use a mail address with that company’s domain name. (hallo@sqr.nl)

3. Sending along too large an attachment

Mailboxes can have limits, and nothing is more annoying than not receiving messages because someone sent you a (too) large file. Use services such as WeTransfer for file sharing.

4. CC all recipients

CC stands for Carbon Copy (derived from the ancient carbon paper between two pieces of paper at the typewriter) which allows you to easily forward an email to multiple people. Just that not everyone is comfortable with their e-mail address being shared with just about anyone. In connection with preventing spam to others (and yourself), it is better to put the other recipients in the BCC (blind Carbon Copy). Best then is to send the mail to yourself and put the rest in BCC.

5. Replying to old e-mail without changing subject

Want to send someone, who is not in your contact list, a message? Then you can respond to a message you once received from him or her, but do take a moment to change the subject and delete the old conversation in the message if you are emailing about a totally different topic.

6. Do not send a reply

In the abundance of mail, you may receive mail that you are not waiting for or are not the right person for. If so, please let the sender know and provide the appropriate contact to keep your own mailbox as clean as possible.


Business email

Looking for an affordable solution for business mail? Check out our Email Business and together with our tips you’ll come out looking good!

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