What’s new in PHP 7.4?

PHP is one of the most popular scripting languages and designed to create dynamic Web pages on Web servers. PHP ensures that your website is displayed properly to your visitors.

Outdated versions of PHP pose risks and at some point are no longer supported. This also currently applies to PHP version 7.2 for which security updates will no longer be offered on Nov. 30, 2020. On Nov. 28, 2019, version 7.4 was released which is seen as an intermediate step toward PHP 8 where even faster performance is expected. At php.net, you can find a list of all the changes and additions to PHP 7.4.

PHP 7.4 is available to all our customers in My SQRas of Wednesday, September 30

Check the PHP version

In My SQR, check the PHP version of your website.
If your website is currently using PHP 7.2, it will be changed to PHP 7.4 during maintenance
Is your website currently using an older PHP version? A shame, your website can be up to three times faster!

Check your website

We do not expect it, but equally cannot rule out, that the website can fully handle the new PHP version. Since you yourself know the website better than anyone else, we recommend testing the website yourself after maintenance. We do not test your website after maintenance.
If you are not sure whether the website can handle the new PHP version, we recommend that you contact the website builder about this so that the website builder can take any necessary precautions.

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