When will my order with Hosting.NL be completed?

At Hosting.NL you can place your order quickly and easily. After checkout using iDeal or paying via bank transfer or direct debit, your order will also be technically delivered.

What does delivering the order mean?

For domain names, this means that the domain name is actually registered, making the ordering party actually the (license) holder of the domain. For our (mail)hosting, SSL certificates and e-mail filter subscriptions, this means that the environment is technically created on our servers. After this, you can start using the environment to create your website and or use the e-mail.

New at Hosting.NL

Is this your first order with Hosting.NL? Then the default payment method is iDeal. Once you have completed and paid for your order, your order will be processed and delivered. After your first order, you can also change the payment method to direct debit. All future orders you then place will be delivered immediately. You will receive an invoice and its amount will be debited from your account within 14 days.

Ordered from Hosting.NL before

If you have ordered from Hosting.NL before and use the payment methods direct debit or bank transfer, then your order will be delivered immediately.

Order placed without completing payment

Have you placed an order with Hosting.NL, but haven’t completed the iDeal payment? No problem, you can also pay the received invoice later to still complete your order. The payment period on the invoice received is 14 days.

Please note that technically “something” does not happen until the payment is completed and actually processed by us. Subsequent payments via wire transfer are not processed until the following business day. So if you want to get started right away, arrange payment via iDeal first.

Realize that in this case, domain names are thus not registered or reserved and thus third parties can still register them.

In conclusion

For uncompleted orders, a Hosting.NL employee will contact you. They will ask you if you want to complete the order, or if it may be canceled. Orders are not automatically canceled after the 14-day payment period has expired. Sent invoices should also technically be credited for accounting purposes.

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