SQR.NL once again certified ISO

As of Feb. 18, SQR.NL again holds ISO 20000 and ISO 27001 certifications. In addition, we also have the NEN 7510 certification. By achieving these certifications, SQR.NL gives its customers assurance around the continuity, safety and quality of haar service.

Quality assured

Most parties choose the ISO 9001 standard that deals with quality management systems. However, we choose the 20000 standard because it deals specifically with IT service management from supplier to customer. This indicates that we work in a structured way. By obtaining this certification, you can be confident that we handle support, incidents, maintenance and capacity of our platforms and systems, among other things, in a uniform manner. By means of an annual review, SQR.NL gives its customers the guarantee that they are using the services of a shared hosting provider that has built in fixed procedures as an assurance of that quality.

Information Security

ISO 27001 is all about continuity and security of service. This also involves an annual review of SQR.NL’s procedures arranged around availability, security, backups and redundancy. SQR.NL knows better than anyone how important 24/7 accessibility and optimal security is today. By obtaining ISO 27001 certification, SQR.NL’s customers can rest assured that all procedures regarding continuity and security are in order. Every customer must also take organizational measures around personal data security themselves. If you do business with a party without certification, how do you know they have their organization in order? At SQR.NL, you have the guarantee that this is well taken care of.

Privacy Protection

The NEN 7510 standard was developed specifically for information security for the healthcare sector in the Netherlands and is based on ISO 27001. With this certification, SQR.NL also provides assurance to its customers that issues such as privacy, access to patient data, data exchange and the recording of actions on the electronic patient record are properly handled. With the three certificates, we have two standards for security and one standard for how we work.

Clear scope

We made a clear scope for SQR.NL in our certification this year. This scope indicates what the certificate is about. For example, you might say, I’m only certified on my access security. For SQR.NL, however, we said this time: it has to be specifically on the shared hosted service. So the auditor looked for us in particular to see if SQR.NL is doing that well.

Sven Visser, Managing Director SQR.NL

We look not only at the standards, but also at what to look out for with an eye to the future. This allows us as a company to prepare for issues that are less of an issue now, but may be of great importance in the future.

Do you have questions regarding our certifications or are you looking for special quality requirements for the application or website you have developed or will develop? Then contact one of SQR.NL’s hosting gurus. They are happy to tell you more about the certifications and the assurances this brings to customers.

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