Update your website on time and avoid a hack

Updating CMS

It is important to keep your website’s CMS and installed plugins up-to-date for proper functionality. Hackers are constantly looking for a way to find a leak/vulnerability in systems, then exploit data or use server space to send data.

About the best security for your WordPress website, we wrote an article earlier. Since we host Drupal and Joomla! websites in addition to WordPress, we have created additional tutorials to perform updates automatically.

Automatic updating

Whether you use WordPress, Joomla! or Drupal as your website, updates should be done in a timely manner. To do the updates automatically, we have written a guide for the most popular CMS systems:


In addition to updating your website’s CMS, it is also important to keep updating the plugins installed and in use. Therefore, when selecting a plugin, check that it has had regular and recent updates. An indication of a good plugin is also to see how many, satisfied, users there are of this plugin. The more downloads, the more likely people are satisfied and the more relevant it is for the developer to continue developing/maintaining the plugin.


And is your WordPress website hacked anyway? Then read our blog on how to use free plugins to fix your hacked WordPress website again.


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