Zimbra 9 – for collaborative work heroes

Zimbra 9 benefits

Zimbra 9 will be available to all our customers from the end of September. Order your Zimbra workgroup now and be the first to enjoy the benefits of Zimbra 9 in September.

Modern and responsive UI

Desktop, mobile and tablet seamlessly flow together with a consistent email and collaboration experience. The new Zimbra 9 interface is modern and based on Preact which itself is based on modern React technology, a framework for building applications in NodeJS.

Easily expandable

Unlike competitors, Zimbra 9 was developed with easy expandability in mind and has standard integrations with collaboration software Slack, Dropbox and Zoom on board. More integrations will be added in the near future. With version 9, Zimbra has fully committed to creating an ecosystem for every organization to integrate the services they now use daily with Zimbra.

Security, privacy and compliant by design

Hosted Zimbra customers

Safe and sound

The underlying infrastructure is “just Zimbra.” Safe and sound as you are always used to. Security, privacy and compliant by design.

High availability

We then, as always, add our sauce of high availability so that your data is stored securely and available in two geographically separate locations in Amsterdam.

All in a row

Watch the video below to watch an English-language explanation of the new Zimbra version and forward it to your colleagues.

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