Add a WordPress user account

Follow the steps below to add a WordPress user account so that third parties can, for example, write posts or manage the entire WordPress website.

  • Log in to My Hosting
  • Click on ‘Diensten’
  • Click on the appropriate subscription
  • Click the “Login to the Plesk control panel” button.
  • In the left menu, click on ‘Users’ and then ‘Add New’

Enter the following information:

  • Username (required): for example, jan.jansen or janjansen
  • E-mail (required): e.g.
  • First name, Last name, Site and Language are optional fields that you can leave blank
  • Password: Generate a password and save the password or choose ‘Send User Notification’ below to send the new user an email notification about the new account.
  • Role: in WordPress, there are five default user roles: Administrator, Editor, Author, Writer or Subscriber

Administrator (Administrator)

This role is for site owners and gives you complete control over the WordPress site.

Editor (Editor)

The editor has control over the content of your website. He can create, edit and publish his own posts and pages. It is also possible for the editor to edit posts and pages written by others. Editors do not have access to your site settings, plugins or themes.

Author (Author)

The author can write, edit and publish their own posts, but cannot edit others’ posts and/or create pages. An author can only edit and delete their own posts.

Writer (Contributor)

A writer can create posts, but not publish them. An administrator or editor should do this for them. This roll is ideal for guest items, for example. One disadvantage of this role is that a writer cannot upload files themselves, which means they cannot add images to their own article.


A subscriber is a member of your website, but cannot do more than a “normal” guest. The advantage of becoming a member, however, is that a subscriber can leave comments without entering his or her information every time.

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