Managing WordPress through the WP Toolkit

In Plesk, you can easily import and manage your WordPress website using the WP Toolkit. The WP Toolkit is a handy application that allows you to install WordPress, link an existing WordPress website, change passwords ánd even update it in just a few clicks. And this without having to log into the wp-admin.

So for website builders and users a very useful tool in which you have an instant overview.

How the WordPress toolkit works

Since you can do a lot with the WP toolkit, we have split it into several tutorials. Below are the references to the appropriate manual.

  1. Installing WordPress via WP ToolKit
  2. Scan existing WordPress application to the WP toolkit
  3. Logging into WordPress via the WP toolkit
  4. WordPress Admin modify via WP toolkit
  5. Updating WordPress via WP toolkit
  6. Activate additional security check
  7. Perform automatic updates


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