Collective invoices: one clear invoice overview

The customer is at the heart of SQR.NL. When we receive questions or requests about simplifying our products or services, we immediately look at whether such a change can be implemented. Sometimes this can be done fairly quickly and other times it takes a little more development time.

All invoices collected in one overview

One of those important adjustments we just made on
rolled out is the “collective invoices” option. As of now, it is possible to select this option. Once you activate this option, you will now receive one invoice per month for all products or services for which a separate invoice would otherwise be sent in that month. This saves many mails and because of this you have a clear overview of services to be paid each month. Ideal right?

Important to know

Once you enable the collective invoices option, this is activated for the following month. So suppose you enable collection invoices on March 10, you will still receive invoices separately during the month of March. All April invoices will be bundled into one invoice and sent on April 1. This means that a subscription that normally renews on April 28 is now billed April 1. Invoices for new orders will be sent separately immediately on the day of ordering. If this product is renewed, it will be included on the next collective invoice.

Turn on collection invoices

We have created a support article that tells you how to turn on the option to receive collective invoices.

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