The meaning of web hosting

What is the meaning of web hosting? That’s probably the question you have, and we’re going to answer it for you.

Web hosting, simply put, is renting a piece of storage on and computing power (CPU/processor) of a server. Files are placed on this server that make up a website. This could include web pages, photos, videos, etc. Once someone types the website’s domain name into a browser, the website’s files are automatically loaded from the server. The visitor will now see the website. The companies that offer web hosting are also called hosting providers.

The word “hosting” is derived from the English “host,” which means “host. So the meaning of web hosting is literally housing a website. As such, a web host is actually a host for websites! Web hosting is essential for a business or individual to operate online. In doing so, you naturally prefer to choose a party that is reliable, has earned its spurs, is affordable and can also grow with you. In that case, you’ve come to the right place at SQR.NL!

Hosting is also used to mail from your own domain name. For example, The emails sent to the personal email address are also stored on a server.

What should you pay attention to with web hosting?

Will you choose a large or a small web hosting package or go with our website builder? It’s all possible at SQR.NL! Whatever you choose to do at SQR.NL, we do everything we can to make you even more successful online; through excellent service and online articles with information and tips.

Web hosting comparison

What should you consider when looking for web hosting? There are several factors involved. In our blog“comparing web hosting” you can read about all the things you need to consider when choosing the right web hosting party.

What is shared web hosting?

Shared web hosting (literally shared web hosting) means that you use one web server with other customers. In fact, for a website, you do not (in many cases) need a complete server of your own. Because you share web server capacity, we can keep monthly costs low for you. With Shared web hosting, you get access to a protected part of the web server that is accessible only to you. So no one else can access your data.

How do I choose the right web hosting package?

How to choose the most ideal web hosting package can be read in our article“How to choose the right web hosting package.

Web hosting, easily and quickly arranged

Do you already know if you want to get started right away with WordPress, Superfast WordPress hosting or Joomla! for your website? At SQR.NL, you can also have WordPress or Joomla! installed automatically right after your order. This allows you to get back to focusing on your business at lightning speed. With these packages, you receive a .nl, .eu, .de, . be, . com, .net or .org domain name for free* the first year.

Another advantage with this web hosting is that we also make backups for you. This gives you more security and allows you to experiment a bit more. So in the most inconvenient case, we can restore a backup for you, nice!

In just three steps you will have your own website online:

  1. Invent your domain name*
  2. Choose a WordPress or Joomla! web hosting package
  3. Build your own website
The MySQR dashboard

In which data center will my website be hosted?

SQR.NL uses the network of sister company Cyso. As a result, we have a lightning-fast connection and an uptime guarantee of 99.5%. The data centers are located in the Netherlands and are ISO certified. Learn more about Equinix and Global Switch.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a unique name on the Internet which is used for a website and/or for an e-mail address. A domain name can consist of the letters of our alphabet, numbers and/or minus signs. We also wrote a blog article sharing with you some tips and rules. Want to register a domain name? Then click here.

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