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In My Hosting, we communicate different dates with our domain names. To avoid any confusion regarding these dates, we wrote this article.

Registration date, expiration date and renewal date

On My Hosting -> My domain names you will find the following details in the domains list:

Registration date

The registration date is the date the domain name came into our records. Therefore, if you place an order for a domain name on January 1, 2022, the registration date will be 01/01/2022.

If you move a domain name to Hosting.NL on January 1, 2022, the registration date of 01/01/2022 will still be shown here. So please note, this is not the “technical” registration date of the domain name.

Expiration date

The expiration date of a domain name is the date the domain name is technically renewed. They also call this the Expiry date of a domain name.

Renewal date

If you click on the domain name in question in the My Domain Names overview, you will be taken to an overview with financial data regarding the domain name. You will additionally enter an expanded menu specific to the chosen domain name, where you can perform various actions.

On this extended page you will see the next extension date. The extension date is the date by which the sent invoice must be paid. At Hosting.NL, we bill domain names 43 days before the technical renewal and have a payment period of 21 days. This means that the payment date of the invoice falls before the technical renewal of the domain name, so the renewal of the domain name can be shot in time.

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