Getting started with your new email hosting

You just ordered your new e-mail hosting with us and would like to start using your e-mail addresses right away. This article will help you get started quickly and become successful online.

Getting started with your email

With your new e-mail hosting, you can use a professional e-mail address. This way you can receive and send emails from your new domain name. Then you can display this new email address directly on your new business cards. Follow the steps below and you will be able to use your own email address within 5 minutes.

  1. Create your first email account
  2. Is your domain name registered with us? Then proceed to step 3
    Is your domain name registered elsewhere? Then some changes to your domain name are required in order to receive, send e-mail and start using our webmail. Read in this article what changes they are. Once the changes have been made you can proceed to the next step.
  3. Click here to learn how to add your new email address to your favorite email program

If all went well, you can now send e-mail, receive e-mail and use the webmail. If you want, you can now add email aliases to your email account. This can be useful if, for example, you want an e-mail address with first name and last name for communication to customers, but also with just your first name for communication with colleagues, for example.

We care about the security of your e-mail. If everything is set up correctly, your domain name now gets a 97% email security score from Do you have some energy left and/or are interested in email security? Then see the email security score for your domain name for yourself here.


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