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In our blog, we already briefly explain to you the difference between and Since’s hosting is in-house, you therefore do not need a web hosting package with Hosting.NL. In fact, it runs on’s servers. You can request a free package on a domain that then has ads on it, or you can run your website on your own domain name. You can register this domain name with any hosting provider and it does not necessarily have to run at

Did you register your domain name with Hosting.NL? Then follow the steps below to link your domain name to your website.

Important information

  • You must have a subscription with to link your own domain name to your website
  • When you add your domain name, the URL to all your posts and pages changes. Visitors will be automatically redirected by, but third-party services such as Facebook use the URL to measure activity. As a result, existing counts may be reset to 0. This does not affect future posts.
  • With a custom domain, your website is still hosted on and you must still follow their terms of service
  • You do not have FTP access

Domain name linking

  1. Log in to
  2. Access the domain page through ‘My Site’ -> ‘Manage’ -> ‘Domains’
  3. Click on ‘Add domain’
  4. Select the ‘Use a domain I own’ option
  5. Click on ‘Assign your domain’
  6. Enter your own domain name and click ‘Add’
  7. Continue the steps in the shopping cart
  8. You can now link your domain name through My Hosting to
    You can link this in 2 ways(change nameservers or change DNS at Hosting).
    Tip: We recommend using the way below.
  9. Log in to My Hosting
  10. Now click on directly in the Dashboard on ‘Domain Names’
    Or in the top menu on ‘Domain Names’ -> ‘My Domain Names’
  11. In the overview, click on the three horizontal dots and on “DNS Management
  12. Change the A record to the IP address listed at
  13. Now change the CNAME record WWW to the CNAME record of
    You can look up this data in your account
  14. Finally, in the portal, you can still set your new domain name as the primary domain

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